Volunteering in a primary school in the South of France

Volunteering in a primary school in the South of France

Duration of the mobility: October 1st, 2023 – July 31st, 2024

Number of volunteers: 2


Vieux Salins school is a state primary school in the town of Hyères. It is a seaside school, located 6km from the town centre, in the Vieux Salins between the salt marshes and the beach.

The main objectives of the school project are international and European outreach and education in sustainable development.
The school is a dynamic one, with a number of innovative teaching projects run by a highly committed multidisciplinary team. The school’s pupils are very involved in school life and highly motivated by many projects. This experience would enable volunteers to further enrich their mobility project with a more complete knowledge of the French education system.


  • Supporting teachers during physical education sessions in English
  • Accompanying teachers during Art sessions in English
  • International school choir
  • Help with the introduction and use of traditional English expressions in the school for everyday activities
  • Animation in English of the imitation games workshop set up in the motor skills room: market game, kitchen area, car garage etc.
  • Setting up traditional games in English during playtime (or in the volunteer’s country of origin)
  • Organise workshops based on the culture of the volunteer’s country (singing, listening to music, plastic arts, famous people, etc.)
  • Working in the library 
  • Maintaining the newsletter in English on the school blog (writing short articles in English on school news or on English culture with the students)

What we expect from the volunteer:

  • Speaking English (and if possible French)
  • Motivation
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Willingness to get involved in a project
  • Developing expertise in supporting teaching
  • Taking part in leading a group
  • Participate in the running of the school

For more details, you can contact us by mail: mobilite.bokrasawa@gmail.com

Or on our phone number:  +33 6 63 98 46 32

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